Cassie & Jacob Directions TO.NET Internet Services

TO.NET Internet Services

TO.NET provides the following FREE services:

  • uURL

uURL enables you to use a very short web site (like TO.NET/1) to refer to sites that are difficult to type or require hundreds of keystrokes.


  • dURL

dURL provides URL redirection based upon a Domain Word you choose. If you pick the Domain Word: MALL, then your site can be referenced via the URL: MALL.TO.NET. (private beta users only)


Secure bookmarks available quickly (and with a very short domain name) where ever you travel. If you wish, they can be shared with others. (private beta users only)


  • There is more coming from TO.NET. Stay tuned!


Comments or suggestions to webmaster

Anyone may use the services of TO.NET; however, I absolutely do not accept anyone who sells adult (including sex toys, DVDs, Viagra) or racist material, advocates violence or engages in any activities involving SPAM email.



New service in beta. Domain Registration.